Detailed information about the module 
Module title:
Lecture Series "Sustainability in China"
Module title (english):
Lecture Series "Sustainability in China"
Module number:
Master (UNI)
Course of study:
Organising faculty/Language Center:
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Instructors responsible:
Habisch, Andre
Credit points (ECTS):
- The interdisciplinary lecture series deals with relevant aspects of sustainable development and sustainability management in China; different lecturers from Chinese and German introduce into their relevant academic research and practical experience.
- This course will provide multidisciplinary insights from business science, economics, engineering, entrepreneurship, environmental science, cultural geography etc.
- Students of this course will gain an overview on the status quo of sustainable development and sustainability-related business innovations in China against the background of new Chinese national plan in 2020, 2035, and 2050, which aims to implement the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Develop–ment.
- Students will better understand the social, political and cultural structures and processes in the People's Republic of China and assess their impact not only in urban cities but also in rural areas.
- After completing the course, students will gain the ability to analyse Chinese economic developments and the importance of cultural factors for entrepreneurial activities in China.
course content/topics:
- This module aims at providing a clear picture of basic concepts of sustainable development in China with different aspects: economy, civil society, and natural environment.
- The course will provide students with insights into Chinese national development plans in a political perspective.
- It will provide information concerning frameworks of sustainable management in China in a culture-specific perspective.
- Theories from different disciplines and practical experience shared by professors and company representative will strengthen student’s competence on China.
- The role of German-Chinese research cooperation as well as business activities will be highlighted.
formal requirements of admission:
recommended qualifications:
No previous knowledge required
Lesson / exam language:
Lehr- und Lernformen/Lehrveranstaltungstypen:
requirements for the attainment of ECTS points:
The written paper aims to link the theoretical concepts of sustainability discussed in the lectures with real-life sustainability-related issues and challenges in China.
workload/distribution of ECTS points within the module:
24 h = Lecture attendance
48 h = preparation of the lectures
70 h = research papers
142 h = Total workload
calculation of module marks:
Research papers 8-10 pages 100%
teaching/learning method:
- Lectures
- Discussions
- Group works within the lectures
compatibility with other courses of study:
Turnus des Angebots:
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