Detailed information about the module 
Module title:
Entrepreneurial Management and Tourism
Module title (english):
Entrepreneurial Management and Tourism
Module number:
Master (UNI)
Course of study:
Organising faculty/Language Center:
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Instructors responsible:
Pechlaner, Harald
Credit points (ECTS):
The students will be,
 be sensitized to entrepreneurial thinking and action
 be able to use the terms management, leadership and entrepreneurship in a differentiated way
 get an insight into entrepreneurial activity in the context of start-ups and established companies
 constructively implement the concepts for entrepreneurial thinking and action in strategic
management on the basis of case studies
 be brought into contact with entrepreneurs in order to discuss current issues of entrepreneurial
 understand tourism and destinations as networks of opportunities and challenges in the context of
management, entrepreneurship and leadership.
course content/topics:
Discussion of the following areas:
 Definitions and perspectives of entrepreneurship, leadership and management
 Theoretic frameworks of leadership and entrepreneurship
 Differentiation of those concepts within a corporate and entrepreneurial point of view
 Leadership performance evaluation
 Entrepreneurial oriented leadership in established and entrepreneurial organizations
formal requirements of admission:
recommended qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree
Lesson / exam language:
Lehr- und Lernformen/Lehrveranstaltungstypen:
requirements for the attainment of ECTS points:
• Written exam: The topics discussed within the class sessions will be sampled.
• Group Presentation: Students will hold a presentation focusing on their theoretical core concepts and the methodology used to approach their research question.
workload/distribution of ECTS points within the module:
22,5 h = Time of attendance lecture
 10 h = Preparation and postprocessing lecture
 22,5 h = Time of attendance tutorial
 35 h = Presentation
 60 h = Exam preparation
 150 h = Total workload
calculation of module marks:
Portfolio (100%)
teaching/learning method:
The portfolio is a collection of coordinated exams on a specific topic
compatibility with other courses of study:
Polyvalenz auf Modulebene
MSc Tourism and Regional Planning - Management and Geography (Modul des Pflichtbereichs)
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