Detailed information about the module 
Module title:
Retail Management
Module number:
Master (UNI)
Organised by:
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Instructors responsible:
Ringlstetter, Max Josef
Credit points (ECTS):
- Students should get insights in the dynamic retail industry
- They should learn concepts of retail management and strategic theories
- Practical methods of retail operations
- Furthermore they should also learn team work and structuring of problems
course content/topics:
- Basics/ theories of retail management
- Practical view through external real case experiences
- Teamwork
- Casework
formal requirements of admission:
recommended qualifications:
Lesson / exam language:
Lehr- und Lernformen/Lehrveranstaltungstypen:
requirements for the attainment of ECTS points:
- Case work:
The processing of complex, operational decision problems is a central component of this course. Therefore, the individual processing of relevant case studies and their common space is a broad discussion in the course. For each case, participants have to write a one-page paper (single line, edge 4 x 2.5 cm, pt 10) with a concentrated opinion on the case-related questions. This paper must be submitted electronically at the beginning of the next lecture. The release of the case studies is mandatory. If you don't hand in a case solution, the course is assessed as "failed". The requirement for the case study work is a recognizable analytical examination of the concrete problem. Pure problem descriptions or summaries are no adequate solutions and also "failed" rated. The case studies are independent projects of their students. In case of an attempt at deception (all cheating cases involved), as well as the respective next case studies of people involved are reported to the audit committee and rated as "failed".
- Exam:
It is written a final exam. The duration of the test is 45 minutes and additional 10 minutes concept time. Relevant for the exam are the references cited, discussed content during the lecture, content from practice speakers, presented papers and case studies. The exam will take place prior to the period of the general final exams
workload/distribution of ECTS points within the module:
Time of Attendance Self Study Total Workload
Lecture 20 40 60
Exercise 0 80 80
Exam and Exam Preparation 10 10
calculation of module marks:
- Case Study/paper (homework) 50%
- Written exam 50%
teaching/learning method:
- Lecture
- Speeches
- Discussion
- Presentations (team)
- Homework (Cases)
compatibility with other courses of study:
Turnus des Angebots:
Beteiligte Fachgebiete:
im SS 2020 keine Klausuren sondern ausschließlich innovative Prüfungsleistungen (Case Study / Final Paper)