Detailed information about the module 
Module title:
Retail Management
Module number:
Master (UNI)
Organised by:
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Instructors responsible:
Ringlstetter, Max Josef
Credit points (ECTS):
- This module will enable students to describe fundamental problems of the retail sector.
- Students will be empowered to manage and analyze trade and operational strategies along the trade value chain
- Participants will also gain hands-on insights into the leadership and management of trading companies and will be able to develop hypotheses about observable issues
- Participants receive training in the areas of teamwork and structured problem-solving and can apply theoretical knowledge in practice.
- Students will be able to apply problem-oriented case-solving skills.
- Upon completion of the module, students have a theoretical and practical foundation of commercial management. They can make differentiated analyzes in trading management.
course content/topics:
- Introduction to the retail sector (structure, models, developments and trends, including sustainable trade
- Strategic perspective of trade
- Trade operators (purchasing, logistics, controlling, personnel and category management)
- eCommerce (including entrepreneurship in commerce)
- Practical orientation through integrative modules of trade representatives
- Teamwork
- Editing Cases
formal requirements of admission:
recommended qualifications:
Lesson / exam language:
Lehr- und Lernformen/Lehrveranstaltungstypen:
requirements for the attainment of ECTS points:
- Case 50 %
- Final Paper 50 %
workload/distribution of ECTS points within the module:
20 h = Time of attendance lecture
40 h = Preparation and postprocessing lecture
80 h = Preparation and postprocessing tutorial
10 h = Exam Preparation
150 h = Total workload
calculation of module marks:
Portfolio 100 %
teaching/learning method:
- Lecture (theoretical modules)
- Lectures from practice
- Excursion to a trading company
- Discussions
- Case solving
compatibility with other courses of study:
Turnus des Angebots:
Beteiligte Fachgebiete:
im SS 2020 keine Klausuren sondern ausschließlich innovative Prüfungsleistungen (Case Study / Final Paper)