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Activation of course offerings for the summer semester 2022

Fachhochschule degree programmes:

Publishing date: 28.02.2022

Registration from:

06:00 PM

University degree programmes:

Publishing date: 28.02.2022

Registration from:

06:00 PM
Master Business Administration, Master Taxation
12:00 AM
Bachelor Business Administration
06:00 PM
Faculty of Languages and Literatures, Language Centre, ZILAS
06:00 PM
Faculty of Philosophy and Education (without sports)
06:00 PM
Remaining institutions (Faculty of History and Social Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Geography, Faculty of Theology, Ingolstadt School of Management, University Computer Centre, University Library)
12:00 AM

Here is a tip on how you can save yourself some researching time for the imminent registration period:

Pick the courses you wish to register and note down the "course number" in a text file or an e-mail, e.g.

Then put the following link in front of every course number:

Like this:




By clicking the link, you will be redirected to the registration link without having to search for long. You best log in to campus.ku.de first before you select your collected links.
Problems with printing PDFs

From 03.03.2022 - 21.03.2022 , printing PDF files (e.g.Transcript of Records) may not work properly ("Page has expired").

Registrations for courses and exams
Please first log in to the system using your identifier via the "Login" button.
In the student portal, you can then register for courses and exams via your degree program.

Current news

Additional examination offer for the 2020/2021 winter semester

In the 2020/2021 winter semester, students of university degree programs were asked to register for their face-to-face examinations preferably for the second examination period only.

In this context, all examiners were asked to offer students a retake option in case of failure in the summer semester if the first individual attempt was made in the second examination period and the module is only offered in an annual rotation. Students who have planned their first attempt for the second examination period but were then unable to participate due to an approved withdrawal from the examination should also be admitted to this additional examination opportunity.

If examiners offer an additional examination date for a module examination of the 2020/2021 winter semester, they will inform students who are eligible to take examinations according to the above conditions by e-mail about the examination dates and the respective registration periods.

If you have any questions regarding these examinations, please contact the examiner in charge directly.

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Please note:
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  • If a student's module has already been marked, this mark cannot be saved again during the marking.
    Please notify this on your printed list of marks or contact your responsible registrar's office.