Detailed information about the module 
Module title:
Research Projects Seminar
Module title (english):
Research Projects Seminar
Module number:
Master (UNI)
Course of study:
Organising faculty/Language Center:
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät
Instructors responsible:
Kuhn, Heinrich
Credit points (ECTS):
The students support the current research work of the chair. They will learn how to
- critically work on the corresponding literature and research approaches
- phrase research issues
- methodically and systematically examine the research issues
- the (formal) presentation of the results
Therefore we demand a high degree of involvement as well as a close cooperation with the assistant in charge.
course content/topics:
Contents are changing according to the current research needs of the chair.
In that context, the course requires
- the study of the relevant literature as well as getting acquainted with the research issue
- the elaboration of an aspect of the problem under supervision of the assistant in charge
formal requirements of admission:
Advanced process in the major Supply Chain Management
recommended qualifications:
Lesson / exam language:
Lehr- und Lernformen/Lehrveranstaltungstypen:
requirements for the attainment of ECTS points:
Paper and presentations of case study
workload/distribution of ECTS points within the module:
5 h = Time of attendance presentation
25 h = Preparation and postprocessing presentation
120 h = Time of research (self study)
150 h = Total workload
calculation of module marks:
Paper and presentations of case study (100%)
teaching/learning method:
- Study of literature and numerical experiments
- Writing a scientific paper
- Presentation
compatibility with other courses of study:
Turnus des Angebots:
Beteiligte Fachgebiete: